Adidas Adipure Trainers: Yes they are Washable

The post that has driven the most search traffic to my blog thus far has been the Adidas Adipure Trainer Review. While many of the search terms involved questions about the quality of the shoe and it’s strength training and running shoe merits the vast majority wondered whether they could be washed and if so how to wash them. Apparently my sentiments on the smell have been felt universally.

I have good news and bad news for those seeking stench-less shoes.

First the good news. The Adipure Trainers are machine washable with no adverse effects that I have noticed. Also, most other barefoot shoes have this odor problem as well. One of my friends throws his vibrams in a box in his basement to contain the smell.

The bad news is that the smell comes back relatively quickly. Apparently the polyester material absorbs odor causing bacteria very easily. This can be alleviated somewhat by using toe socks. Otherwise you will likely be washing your Adipures fairly often.

Do you have recommendations on reducing the odor emanating from your Adipures? Please let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Adidas Adipure Trainers: Yes they are Washable

  1. thanks! I am going to throw my husband’s in the wash right now!!! I was afraid i might damage them, and although i love him…I’m not really into hand washing those things! pee-yoo!

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  3. Thank goodness I’m not the only one! I found myself in a rather embarrassing situation when I realized my shoes were super stinky and I wasn’t sure how to solve that problem. Knowing I can toss them in the washer makes me feel a lot better.

  4. I recently bought a pair and have been wearing them for 12 hour shifts at work for the past couple weeks and they do not smell bad in any way. I usually take the time to prepare my feet before I decide to wear them though. What I’ll do is wash my feet in the bathtub with soap and warm water. Dry my feet on the towel sitting on the floor outside the tub. Then WITHOUT stepping on the dirty floor proceed to rub underarm deodorant on my feet. (I use Speed Stick because it’s the brand that works best on my underarms.) I then rub my feet with my hands to get even coverage, as if I was applying foot lotion, paying extra attention to the toes. Sprinkle a thin layer of baby powder on the inside of the shoes and put them on. Haven’t had any problems with smell. I even took one off to show my co-worker mid-shift last week. It might not work with everyone, but it’s been working for me. I’ve done this since they were brand new so maybe a wash for your shoes before you start this lil foot ritual might work.

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